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As an affiliate marketer, you will likely find that some strategies work consistently better or worse than others. For that reason, it is a good idea to find the ones that will work for you and stick with them as solidly as possible. Here are eight such options that have proven themselves time and again.

  1. Offer Free Reports to Gather Email Addresses of Your Visitors
    When you get visitors, provide them with free information. It should be full of important and useful such information that allows you to gather their email address. You can then add them to your autoresponder list to send your free reports and eventually product information in an attempt to sell them your products at a later date.
  2. Offer a Regularly Updated Newsletter
    In addition to a series of free reports, you can publish a subscriber only ezine that markets to a large collection of like minded and interested individuals. If you can build a strong enough list, you can have substantial success in eventually selling to them.
  3. Create and Provide Endorsements and Reviews of Your Products
    If you want a prospect to buy into your product and make a purchase, one of the best things you can do is to provide a testimonial. They want to know that your product works and has been helpful to you.
  4. Correctly Utilize the 404 Error Page
    There are always chances that when you built your website there will be some problems – small errors that might hinder the overall quality and operation of the site. Even after you test your website repeatedly, you might find or be informed about any number of different bugs within the code. Always check with the company that hosts your site to see if you can create a custom error page. That error page can actually be a promotional portal for your affiliate products instead of just another dead end.
  5. Making Use of a Good Thank You Page
    You should always have a solidly created thank you page to direct your visitors to when they have signed up for your newsletter or free report series. You should use this chance to promote additional products to the prospect on the thank you page. There are two different ways you can do this – selling one product at a time or adding multiple products to the page in a group. The best way to decide which method to use is to try both of them in test runs beforehand.
  6. Keep a Record and Track Your Advertising Efforts
    If you keep track of your advertising efforts, you will know your conversion rates, return on investment, and click thru rates for various different factors in your campaign, making it easier to adjust or alter your marketing efforts for better results.
  7. Allowing the Built in Pre-selling Aspects of Your Affiliate Program to Work for You
    Many affiliate programs provide a wealth of valuable information in the form of extra reports, courses, and newsletter content that you can utilize to assist in preselling the products. The goal is to then ask and get your prospects to opt into your mailing lists so they can receive that free information. You can then gather new prospects and sales by using existing content that you do no work for. A good place to position this opt in list is on the bonus page where the free eBooks are located. Another good place to put the opt in form is on the 404 Error page.
  8. Provide Free Content to Your Customers
    There are dozens of people selling the same or similar products as yours. To stand out among the people that sell these products, you must offer something different and that can best be done by offering bonuses such as additional eBooks, extra information, or software programs to support your product. If you can increase the perceived value of your products, you can be more effective in selling them.
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If you can utilize these eight tips to increasing your affiliate commissions, you can rise to the top of the game and be that much more successful.


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