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Our Affordable WordPress hosting can benefit small businesses, startups, bloggers, and anyone looking for a cost-effective solution to host their website. Discover the advantages of Wowza hosting for your business,today!

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How can Wowza Hosting help my small business succeed online?

Running a small business should be your main focus – not worrying about website hosting and maintenance. That’s where we come in. Our hosting plans are designed with small business owners in mind, offering reliable customer support and affordable pricing. And with our partnership with, we can provide white-label WordPress support to give your website the boost it needs. Let us handle the technical details, so you can focus on growing your business.


Reliable Streaming Servers

Servers sustained by a redundant network and reliable datacenters – guaranteed 99.99% uptime,powered up by VDO PANEL,one of the newest streaming solutions in the industry.Find out more about VDOPANEL.


Top-notch Discounted Web Services

The key to a successful business is having the right support to do so, which is why we have partnered up with,to extend to you,premuim discounted web services, which will allow you to master your online business,the correct and reliable way,for your clients


24/7 Support

An ever-evolving Technical Support team that has an average response time of  within 1 day with over many tickets solved to date.We can now also offer the same support for your customers.If you are in need for extra support,we can suggest for those very important needs,for your online business!


Payment Methods

We support many different methods of payment on our platform including Bitcoin, Direct Credit/Debit card payment with Stripe and PayPal.


Security with CloudLinux

Cloudlinux offers enhanced security with its “Cage” like server environment, providing every separate account its own isolation preventing cross-account breaches while also providing you with more customization over your account


10 Day Refund

We believe that you should get the service that you pay for or we don’t deserve your money. We will refund your payment within the first 10 days if you are not happy with our product or service.


The reason we teamed up with wowzahosting was a no brainer,they are very easy to do business with and make money with them,its that simple!

Kevin Torress



Let us Help You By Boosting Your Business

Roku TV is the perfect way to do it! With our user-friendly streaming solution, you can create your own online channel in no time, and reach millions of potential customers with ease. Whether you’re a small business owner or a marketer, Roku TV is the quick, easy, and affordable way to make your mark online!


Powerful Streaming Servers

Our servers are powered by VdoPanel,the leading streaming software.


24/7 Professional Support

We dont mess around with providing a top notch client support for all.


Affordable Services and Products

We provide customized plugins, widgets and products, which allow your business to reach 100s the easy way.

Multiple Affordable Hosting services to suit you perfectly

Unique Web Hosting solutions to fit almost any scenario, for both first-time users and professionals.Save up to 20% off today, when you decide to bundle all our services, via our Super Bundle Plan.

Web Hosting

Easily Host the Perfect Website



Pay as low as  1.99 $


Streaming Solutions

Live TV and Roku TV Channel Hosting



Start off with our basic plan

Shoutcast Radio Hosting

Launch that radio station you ever wanted for less



Radio Hosting for as low as 1.99 per month

VPS Hosting

Put a stop to slow website speeds and costly servers



Enjoy powerful servers for your business for less

What makes Wowza Hosting any different from others?

Starting an online business can be overwhelming, but with Wowza Hosting, it doesn’t have to be. We will be every step of the way of your business or website journey,with us,We pledge to  make it very easy for you with, our web hosting and livestream plans,which offer unlimited bandwidth, generous NVMe SSD disk storage, email accounts, and more. Plus, with our easy-to-use Direct Admin control panel and premium services, including our partnership with, you can build your business with ease and confidence. Choose Wowza Hosting and experience the easy and affordable way to grow your business today!


What Our Customers are Saying

The best advertising you can have is a loyal customer spreading the word about how incredible your business is.

Great support, like i have never seen before. Thanks to the support team, they are very helpfull. This company provide customers great solution, that makes them best.

Client Photo
Shankar Biswal

I have been using Wowza Hosting for my Roku TV channel for a few months now and I am very pleased with the service. The free rewards program is a great incentive to keep me coming back. The customer support team is top notch and very knowledgeable. The pricing is also very affordable. I highly recommend Wowza Hosting for anyone looking for a reliable and cost-effective Roku TV channel hosting service.

Client Photo
Joy Smuckers

I recently switched to Wowza Hosting for my radio station and I'm so glad I did! The hosting and products are incredibly easy to use, and the free promotional support they offer is invaluable. Plus, they have a wide range of payment methods that fit my needs perfectly. I highly recommend Wowza Hosting to anyone looking for a reliable radio hosting provider.

Client Photo
Mark Trio

I recently switched to Wowza Hosting for my web hosting needs and I couldn't be happier. Their 30-Day Refund Policy gives me peace of mind that I'm making the right decision. I'm also impressed with their 99.9% Uptime, which ensures my website is always available to my customers. Finally, their ever-evolving Technical Support team is always available to help me with any questions I have. Wowza Hosting is the perfect web hosting solution for my business.

Client Photo
Vaughn James

Great support, like i have never seen before. Thanks to the support team, they are very helpfull. This company provide customers great solution, that makes them best.

Client Photo
Liza Chen

Recientemente me cambié a Wowza Hosting para el sitio web de mi negocio en línea y ¡estoy muy feliz de haberlo hecho! Tienen un instalador integrado de 1 clic que facilitó la configuración de mi sitio web. También ofrecen la creación de canales de TV Roku, que es una excelente manera de llegar a más clientes. Además de eso, su equipo de soporte es confiable y profesional y realmente entiende mi negocio. Estoy muy contento con Wowza Hosting y los recomendaría encarecidamente a cualquiera que busque un proveedor de alojamiento de streaming confiable.

Client Photo
Alex Pena

Our Global Partners

These are some of the great companies we trust,to ensure nothing but a excellent customer experience for all our clients.

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