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What is the ‘secret’ to huge Clickbank paychecks? Well I wouldn’t say there is any ONE secret that defines Clickbank success, but one important factor for raking in the money is in promoting ultra profitable products which people buy by the truckload.

Affiliate Programs

Just how do you find super profitable profitable products and ‘separate the wheat from the chaff’?

Here’s some tips to get you started:

1. Check the ‘vital stats’ of the product

Head over to Clickbank’s marketplace and see the statistics of the products that are being sold. Two really important ones you want to look out for is Gravity and % Referred. Gravity is a measure of how many affiliates have successfully made sales with your product recently. % Referred refers to how many of the product’s sales were made as a result of affiliates promoting. You should look out for high Gravity numbers (which means affiliates have had success selling the product) and % Referred numbers which are not too high (above 90%). If too many affiliates are promoting the product, it will be harder to grab your share of the pie.

Fully analyze your backlink profile and build better links

2. Study the product’s selling process

One way to tell if a product will sell well is to head directly over to the product’s website. Study the sales letter. Does it have high quality graphics? Does it have a benefit-filled headline? Does the sales letter copy emphasize benefits instead of features? A strong sales letter is always an asset, so make sure you are promoting something which has a high converting sales letter.

If you want to pick out hot affiliate products on Clickbank, there are a few secret tools you need to know about. These tools have been used by hundreds of successful affiliates for finding products to promote. If you want to be ahead of the game, you need these tools at your disposal, if not you’ll lose out.

Here’s the 2 secret tools for finding the newest and most profitable affiliate products:

  1. Big Prism’s Clickbank Product Finder

    Big Prism’s nifty little search tool is a more advanced version of Clickbank’s official marketplace search engine. You can search products by keyword and also filter them based on commission payouts, gravity and all the other stats that Clickbank uses to rate products. You can also find out how many new products are added everyday.

  2. Affiliates Alert

    Affiliates Alert is an advanced program and it’s free to sign up with. You can use this tool to find new products, products which are underexposed (are of high quality but are as yet undiscovered by affiliates) and also products which are promoted by too many affiliates to be profitable. You get regular updates by email. You can also observe the ranking of the products easily in a snapshot. This allows you to see which products are rising in the rankings and which are following. In other words, it’s a goldmine for Clickbank users!

There you have it, the 2 tools you absolutely must be using if you want to skyrocket your sales and profits. If I had to choose one, I’d probably go with Affiliates Alert since it is a comprehensive ‘spying’ solution.


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