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Squidoo and articles alone are great ways to drive traffic to your website. However, when used together, they’re the greatest traffic driving tools that you will ever come across. Now as of this date that this article is being written, it is true that squidoo lens’s with Google have decreased, this technique is still the best traffic driving strategy out there for any affiliate marketer.

  • Squidoo is a new website and Google gives high page rankings just for creating a profile with them. Although you do get high page rankings, you should not truly depend on squidoo to get you traffic to your affiliate website. Even though it does give you high page rankings, it is unlikely that you will get onto the first page of any search engine for your main keyword. You must use articles to do this!
  • Articles are a great resource and search engines are in love with them. Search engines give articles high page rankings for their keyword almost overnight. For example, I recently wrote an article on squidoo marketing, in just three days it got onto the first page of Google for my main keyword squidoo marketing.
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Separately, these tools should already catch your interest and make you want to use them. But wait, there’s more! My simply to use technique is whats going to bring in tons of traffic to your affiliate website!

  • When you submit an article, you get to insert any websites URL into the resource box. This is called a backlink. You should be using your squidoo as the website URL in your resource box, soon you’ll see how this will give you a huge advantage. Now let’s say that you create twenty articles in one day(which is highly possible), that’s twenty backlinks to your squidoo profile. But it doesn’t stop there! There are hundreds of free article submission websites, let’s say you submit the twenty articles that you just wrote to about twenty other article submission websites. That’s 400 backlinks to your squidoo profile!
  • Why do you want these backlinks? Search engines give squidoo profiles with backlinks a huge advance in page rankings. So in just one day, your squidoo lens could get onto the first page of Google!

Okay that’s all well and good, but why use squidoo when you can link to your affiliate websites in your articles?

  • Article directories have bitten down on affiliate programs so now you can’t send in an article with an affiliate link in it. So if you just simply use squidoo as a cushion and talk about your affiliate program and have a link to the program on your squidoo lens, that should still work shouldn’t it? It does work, but it works even better than if you just used your affiliate link. These websites that you get from clickbank do not go into search engine page rankings as your own, but if you use squidoo, it can act as your own. Your squidoo does get ranked and it gets really high ranks as discussed earlier.

So to break it down, not only will you get high page rankings and publicity with writing articles, but you also create tons of backlinks to your squidoo which will also get high page rankings. That’s so much publicity that it’ll make your head spin! Use this technique now and you’re affiliate marketing will soar!


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